Endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation
Standards of the ideal bust line
Water-drop breast augmentation;
natural at any angle

What is a water-drop breast augmentation?

Water-drop breast augmentation is the breast augmentation surgery completing the ideal bust line by shaping in guttiform. There's less artifical rigid feeling and more volume concentrated under the bust which make the breasts more natural. It becomes more natural by utilizing the waterdrop implants rather than the round shaped one.

The shape and the size that fits your body

1. Water-drop shaped bust line
2. Soft touch
3. Minimize the pain
4. Natural shape

Round form VS Water shaped form

Round Form
Overall volume and more volume in the upper bust than water-shaped form.
Waterdrop shape
Smooth upper bust and voluminous under bust make more natural waterdrop shaped bust line.

Individuals who need a waterdrop shaped breast augmentation

1. Those who want a natural bust line
2. Those who fret about sagging breasts
3. Those who want more voluminous bust line

Breast augmentation using an endoscope

It is not all the same surgery even though it has the same name 'waterdrop shaped breast augmentation' There are many different ways to perform the waterdrop breast augmentation.
Apex's endoscopic waterdrop breast augmentation make safer and finer bust line.

PLUS+Apex's breast augementation became more powerful!
Apex Keller Funnel 2

Safely implants prostheses using an aseptic disposable product.
Smoothly insert prostheses though the small incision window.
Minimize hemorrhage, tissue injury, nerve injury, and pain.
Quick recovery.
Apex mammoplasty uses Keller funnel 2 for minimal tissue damage and clean surgery when inserting breast implant.

Apex's waterdrop shaped breast augmentation POINT

1. Balanced bust line
An accurate diagnosis considering individual characteristics and the balance, you can expect the most ideal bust line
2. Minimize the side effects by using the original prostheses
Make up the natural bust line and minimize the side effects by using original prostheses approved by KFDA
3. Natural bust line
Making up the natural shape and movement as you were born with it.

Procedure of Apex's waterdrop breast augmentation

1. Armpit incision using endoscope
Incise 2-3cm(or 4cm for cohesive gel) inside the armpit and insert the prostheses. There is less pain and swelling after the surgery. Also scar is hardly seen which make it the most favorable surgery.
2. Incision under the breast
Incise about 3-4cm along the wrinke under the breast and insert the prostheses. It does not take much time and you can quickly return to daily life. It is effective for those who have reoperation or breast correction.
3. Areola incision
Incise about 3cm along the areola line and insert the prostheses. Scar is hardly seen and quick recovery is possible because of less pain and swelling.
4. Navel Incision
Incise along the navel and insert the prostheses. Only saline solution prostheses can be used.

Precautions before the breast augmentation

1. Contraceptives, hormonal drug, hermal medicine, and asprin should be stopped two weeks before the surgery.
2. No smoking and alcohol from three days before the surgery.
3. Please wear tops that have button or zipper on the front on the day of surgery.
4. Please take off all the earrings and necklaces on the day of surgery.
5. Because of the difficult of driving immediately after the surgery, it is recommended that you come with a guardian and take public transportation.

Precautions after the breast augmentation

1. Eating soft food such as rice gruel is possible from 6 hours after the surgery.
2. Please do not raise arms over 90 degrees or carry heavy things for a week after the surgery.
3. Please be careful of severe concussion during the recovery period.
4. Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 1-2months after the surgery and please take enough rest.
5. Do not take off compression tape or bandage.