Accusculpt Tightening Liposuction
Lose fat and tighten your body
with accusculpt tightening liposuction.

What is Accusculpt tightening liposuction?

The Accusculpt laser lipo-sculpting uses 1444nm wavelength for fat deposit emulsification and body contouring. Accusculpt is effective at achieving desired contours without the side effects of other lipo procedures and it is approved by FDA and CE.


Consistent results of non-incisional treatment.
Quick recovery
Minimize the tissue damage
Minimize the scar
Tightening effect by regeneration collagen

Applied areas

Apex plastic surgery proceeds the most appropriate surgery after considering patients characteristics such as body shape and skin type.

Who needs Apex Accusculpt tightening abdomen procedure?

1. Those who have excess fat in the abdomen without drooping of skin
2. Those who cannot make ideal body with exercise
3. Those who does not have enough time for making abdominal muscle

Apex's Accusculpt tightening abdominal surgery point

1. Balanced body line
Get beautiful body contour by precisely removing unwanted fat.
2. Quick recovery
Short treatment time delivers less swelling and minimize the down time.
3. Minimize the scar
Minimal invasive procedure using very thin needles leaves minimized needle marks and scar.

Procedure of Apex Accusculpt tightening abdominal surger

Abdominal liposuction
Laser treatment after removing thin and thick layers of fat gives you a tighter and firmer body. It is safe for all areas of the body including abdomen, waist, love handles, and back.

Precautions before the abdominal liposuction

1. Contraceptives, hormonal drug, herbal medicine, and aspirin should be stopped two weeks before the procedure.
2. Please stop smoking and drinking from three days before the surgery
3. Total fasting should be done after the midnight last night.
4. Please take off all accessories before the surgery.
5. Because it is difficult to drive immediately after the surgery, it is recommended that you come with a guardian and take public transportation.

Precautions after the abodminal surgery

1. Avoid excessive exercise for 5 days.
2. Avoid entering hot places such as sauna after the surgery.
3. Excercise can be started after two weeks of surgery.
4. Please avoid massaging the treated area.
5. Please take enough rest and avoid smoking and drinking for 1-2 months.